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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weekend Trip to Atlanta

Last weekend we went for a few days to Atlanta.
It's a 5-6 hour drive from here, what can seem to take forever when you have kids fight and whine in the backseats, but these days at least they all have some sort of electronic device( Gameboy, DVD player,IPod, MP3 player , cell phone...) to stay out of each others hair.
At the end it is well worth the drive and there's lots to see and do for everyone.

Our Canadian group( about 35 people) from here in Tyndall went to see an NHL game between the Atlanta Thrashers and Vancouver Canucks. In this family we watch a lot of hockey and among the 5 of us we cheer for 3 different Canadian teams. Even though Vancouver isn't one of those teams we still cheered for the Canadians, sang the anthem extra loud and had a lot of fun.

The arena is right next to the CNN center
You can take tours to see how the News are made......

The next day we were off to the Georgia Aquarium.
I have been in many Aquariums and Zoos, and I have to say I was quiet impressed.
I don't really agree with having wales, dolphins and such large mammals and fish in tanks, but
the large ( football field size ) tank that Atlanta seemed at least adequate for the wale sharks and the manta ray they have.
That big tank is mesmerizing!
Big WOW factor!!!
I could sit there all day and watch the thousands of fish.....
...and the wale sharks are just breath taking!

They measure about 25 feet /7.6 meters !!

I never thought I would see one of those wale sharks in my life.....

This manta ray measures about 9 feet/2.7 meter.....

Look at the size of the people in front of the window.....that gives you an idea how big the

manta ray is!

I would love to post all pictures single, but that would take too much space and you would scroll down forever to see them all, so you can go to my flickr page and see them single there.

Right beside the Aquarium is the World of Coca Cola.
We are Coke people , so we went to see it as well. Very interesting to see all the bottles, advertising, collectibles and TV commercials from around the world.

They have a room where you can taste different Coca Cola products from the different continents(some great, some not), and of course they also have all the Coca Cola flavours to try as well.
I still prefer Coca Cola Classic though! :0)
Sunday I also had a chance to go to IKEA!!! YEAH!!!
Oh how I miss having an IKEA store closer by....*sigh*
5 hours drive is just way too much to go to IKEA.....
I bought some smaller goodies ....... pictures of them follow in the next post......
It was a great weekend !

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  1. That was really a great trip....in America everything seems to be very huge.
    You poor lady....five hours away from Ikea....that sounds terrible...so I think you will have to go by a big lorry to carry everything home you will buy..*lol*...
    Have a wonderful weekend


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