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Saturday, January 10, 2009

As promised here a few pictures of things I got at IKEA in Atlanta.
It's not much, but I sure love what I got.
I hate going to places like IKEA with the whole family in tow.
The feeling of being rushed drives me up the walls.
Anyway, I got some lovely comforter covers .

The AS IS section of the store is an absolute must for me when I go to IKEA and I always find something fabulous there. This time I found the extra flower pillow covers for 1$ !! Also found another pillow cover for the kids and a tower of 3 simple vine racks .

These were on sale ....

.....and we needed more dishes as well.

Another favorite of mine at IKEA is their food store.

I love their Marabou chocolate ,which this store didn't have, but at least they had Daim.

Hhhmmmm Daim.... Memories....

We spend 7 years every summer in Sweden, on the island Gotland.

I have so many memories for that island......and the foods....

Roasted onions on hot dogs is one of the Scandinavian things I love and usually my family mails or brings me roasted onions. Luck had it though that IKEA had some .

Good timing, since we ran out....

I have no idea when I will be able to go to IKEA again, but they have an online store.....



  1. The pillow covers are great....and all the other things you bought, too.
    I also prefer to go to Ikea by myself.....you can look as long as you want regardless on the others...Does " it drives me up the wall" in German mean "das bringt mich auf die Palme"??
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Genau Iris! :0)
    Ich werde mal fuer einen Weile versuchen meinen Blog auch in deutsch zu schreiben. Meine Mama freut sich dann das sie alles lesen kann:0)


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