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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Sunday walk on the beach...

Sunday morning my hubby Rob had the great idea that we should go to the beach .
The weather is so nice right now.
It was sunny, blue sky and the temperature was around 20 C/68F! Perfect!
I always have so much "to do" on my list that a lot of times he has to give me a push and say
" Come on ! You're going to love it" and yes, most often he's so right!!
None of the kids wanted to go , so away we went alone!!
This is when I really appreciate that they are old enough to stay behind.
We went on the beach at the Air Base.
After quiet a long walk on the board walk ....

........and the mandatory warning signs on the beaches in Florida.....

.......you get to the beach......

.....a very wide, white........

long , empty beach!

We walked for at least an hour, collected seashells and I took pictures
.....of the water and sand

...some large bird footprints, probably from a heron....

....a little bird....

....my footprints....

....my hubby's feet.... :0)

....some crabs....

....and sand dollars....

...and very tall beach grass.

We also saw these...

This is the loot we brought home....

......some of which will be added to my display in our bathroom.

It was a lovely walk and I'm so glad that Rob asked me to go.

Sometimes I need to remember not to get all caught up in the doll making and all the other things that I do.


  1. Will you look at that! You live in paradise! :) Very nice indeed.

    Good thing our husbands sometimes force us out of the house, away from the sewing and/or knitting. :)

  2. So beautiful! The only ocean beach is have ever been to was Cocoa Beach, FL-- i was young and of course it's a very touristy area.

    That warning sign would have excited my son to no end-- sharks and crocodiles are two of his very creatures (right behind snakes!)

  3. This is a beach on the Air Base so not everyone can go.That's why it is so empty. On the beaches on Panama City Beach you have all the touristy stuff and more people.

  4. What beautiful scenery. Just gorgeous. And what a lovely display you have now with all your finds.
    It is so cold here in Canada right now; I would love to just spend one day on that beach right about now.

  5. Wunderschöne Bilder!
    Danke für Deinen Besuch auf meinen Seiten - ich komme bestimmt noch mal öfter bei Dir Fernweh schnuppern ;o)

    Lieben Gruß

  6. I have never in all my life seen something like this! I would love to see this and collect those amazing treassures! Maybe someday!


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