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Friday, October 24, 2008

Another week has gone by....

......I can never understand where the days go???

I blink and another week has gone by.

For quiet some time now I wanted to take this picture.

Whenever I drove by there I didn't have the camera with me.

Tataaa....today I finally had it with me .

It's such a beautiful view, isn't it?

In the front a Great Blue Heron was catching fish .


I found this great plate the other day .

It's 18 inches/46 cm long and a dark mud brown.

It' huge!!! Those apples aren't mini apples!!

Love it and great for Fall and Halloween.

I also found this ....

I went by it a few times thinking" What a cute, weird looking apple" and then it had to come home with me. :0)


  1. What a beautiful environment you live in!
    Cute apple.. such a nice colors.

    I'm always looking for time, i wish i could only sleep for 4 hours and so have a lot of time for sewing / crafting / painting etc... *sigh*

  2. I need at least 5 1/2 hour of sleep to funktion properly.
    Time management is an issue and family doesn't help either. :0)
    These days I spent a lot of time driving kids to and from activities. I even take things to sew with me if there's any chance that I have to wait.


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