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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cookies and Cheesecake

Yesterday I was in one of my baking moods.
I had bought a nice glass cookie jar on Friday at this new store in the mall . I think those jars look fantastic with any kind of cookies.
Here are our chocolate oatmeal cookies in the new jar

Afterwards I also make a German cheesecake.

My German recipe asks for "quark", but that is something that is very hard to find or that you can't get in North America at all. In Germany it is very cheap and readily available everywhere and many recipes ask for it. My substitute for it is made from half cream cheese and cottage cheese, blended together in the blender until smooth. Works fabulous!!!

With the cheesecake we had fresh strawberries , half of them I pureed.

So this was my breakfast today, with a cup of coffee in my Tim Horton's mug from Canada


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  1. Yes the cookies do look wonderful in that jar and as for the cheesecake, yum!


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