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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall in the North Part 2

So here as promised the second part of my fall pictures from yesterday.
Look at this color spectrum.....

 This was such a lovely spot too. 
Wouldn't that be nice for a backyard?

 Water planes are something very common around here. Every lake has some.

 This spot made me want to sit and just dream. 
The sun sparkling on the water, a light breeze, gorgeous colors all around you and the smell of fall. 

 I'm not sure what kind of berries those are, but the bright red clusters made for great pictures

 This one is probably one of my favorite pictures!
The bright red leaves in front of the grey rock with the yellow leaves on the side.
So beautiful!!!

Well, that's it for now. 
I could have taken so many more, but these really made my day!  :)
Hope you enjoyed them too. 
I hope to get a few more chances to get out to take pictures soon.


  1. Sooo beautiful! Ich liebe den Herbst ja auch und freu mich über das schöne Wetter hier momentan und all die tollen Farben und Gerüche - aber Deine bunten Herbstimpressionen sind der Hammer!

  2. lovely lovely pictures Sue. Duncan only has one question, "Any fish in there?" !!!


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