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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Green Anole/Gruene Anole

This morning I took some great shots of a green Anole
on our fence.
Heute Morgen hatte ich die Moeglichkeit ein paar schoene Bilder von
einer gruenen Anole auf unserem Zaun zu machen.

I think these little lizards are just too cute!

Ich finde diese kleinen Eidechsen einfach zu suess.

They are very entertaining and I can spend hours watching them.
Ich finde sie sehr interessant und koennte ihnen stundenlang zusehen.

This one was a male and he showed me his pretty red skin flap.

Dies war ein Maennchen der mir dann auch seine schoene rote Hautfalte gezeigt hat.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Ich wuensch euch noch einen schoenen Sonntag!


  1. Wow! What a fabulous color on that lizard. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. The green and orange is quite stunning, what a cute little guy you cought!

    Cheers from Seattle, zill.y
    (who is actually been coming by since quite a while, saw you at Myriams ;) )

  3. Thank you for stopping by! :0)

    Always love to see who's visiting! :0)

  4. Hi, his lizard is a fantastic colour.
    Thanks for stopping by and joining in my giveaway. Good luck in the draw.


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