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Saturday, December 20, 2008

More decorations and baking

Today, my famous yet never ending "to do" list showed :
- Make more cookies
So, good mom that I am, I made another 2 recipes
Schoko-Spritzgebaeck and Zitronensterne
(Chocolate shortbread cookies and lemon stars)
First I have to salute my Kitchen Aid!
What a great piece of kitchen machinery!!
I had dreamed of getting one for many years, and trust me I went through countless hand mixer in my life.Then, when we moved down here I got one. Super cheap through a friend, just because the KA is green. Well ,I couldn't care less if it had yellow dots too. She works wonderful and that's what matters to me.
So here now some pics of the work that was done today...

Also as promised some more pictures of Christmas deco from around the house.

This little cutie and the Froebel star were made by my talented sister Steffi

I made these little light bulb snowmen a few years ago.

We brought these stars last year from our Christmas visit to my family in Germany.

Love the rustic snowflake.....

...and this lantern.

Yes, another deer! :0)
And here my favorite snowman.
More pics tomorrow......

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  1. Your home looks so beautiful and those cookies...divine! You've been very busy!


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