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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost there....

The last few days I did a lot of gift wrapping, parcel packing and more baking and decorating.
Yes, there is a glow in the distance.....I can see the horizon of Christmas and I'm almost there now.
Hubby and I did some more shopping yesterday and today, and besides a few little items
WE ARE DONE!!! Yeah!!
Buying gifts for my boys always stresses my out. I always have this panic that they will be disappointed. So I mostly get too much for them to compensate. I try hard to have an equal amount for the boys and to keep it balanced.
I have noticed though that now that they are older I'm much more relaxed . Probably because they know that they can't have everything and if I have ordered something online and it doesn't come in time or is sold out , I can explain it and they understand and it's no big deal.
All 3 have birthdays in the first quarter of the year as well and so they always have a chance to ask for something special then too. They are good kids! :0)

So here now a few pictures of our Christmas deco around the house

Our fireplace ( that we don't use)

I have a thing for deer this year....

I like the combination of these items.

More pictures tomorrow.


  1. Lovely...your Christmas deco.....I saw in one of your last posts your big cupboard with the lights and garland...it is absolutly similar to my big cupboard in our living room....have you seen it????
    I was shocked to see your pool, what a disaster.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes 4. Adventswochenende

  2. Hallo, Du hast eine wunderschöne Weihnachtsdeko. Sie gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut. Warum benutzt Ihr denn Euren Kamin nicht? Er sieht sooooo schön aus.
    Viele liebe Grüße Barbara

  3. Liebe Iris,
    ja ich hab die Girlanda uf Deinem Schrank auch gesehen...Sieht toll aus. Ich finde es ist wie eine Krohne fuer den Schrank.

    Liebe Barbara
    wir haben heute z.B 25C, was ein Grund ist warum wir den Kamin nicht benutzen, ausserdem weiss ich nicht was da so drinne ist an Krabbelkram und ob der in den letzten Jahren ueberhaupt benutzt wurde und richtig abzieht....

    Wuensch Euch beiden auch einen schoenen
    Liebe Gruesse


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