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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Friday Purchase

For everyone who doesn't live in the US, Black Friday was last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, THE biggest shopping day of the year!I thought Boxing Day shopping in the West Edmonton Mall was crazy, but Black Friday beats that one hands down!!
Now I didn't have any need or desire to stand in front of a store at 4am to get something on sale , I don't even want to go near any malls or super sales stores and yet I ventured out that day for a quick, and yes it was quick, stop at the pet store to buy new dog beds that were on sale for half price. I guess nobody is that crazy about dog beds, so that was good for me.

Anyway, these beds are BIG(44 x 35 inch/112 x89 cm) and fluffy and our dogs really enjoy them. I guess it's like laying on a cloud....

...doesn't that look comfy?

I bet the dogs are glad I ventured out into the craziness last Friday.


  1. Ich soll Dir von Ronja sagen, dass Du sagenhaft tolle, geniale, wunderbar weiche Hundebetten gekauft hast und sie jetzt den Black Friday auch in Deutschland einführen möchte.

    I should tell you from my dog Ronja that you have bought wonderful marvellous brilliant terrific and fantastic soft dog beds and that she will establish the Black Friday in Germany, too.

  2. Ich wuerde ihr ja eins schicken, aber ich weiss nicht ob ich eine Box finde die gross genug ist.


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