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Saturday, November 1, 2008


What hangs around our house,
Was hier so rumhängt ...(Idee von bernadette)

I like this idea so I took some photos of some of what hangs around our house.
These are done by family members.
My grandpa..

....my dad

...my sister in law

..my brother in law

....my husbands grandma

Then there are these Copenhagen prints...

... the "Michel " in Hamburg

...the Rickmer Rickmers

and Carl Larson.

These super cute prints from The Blue Egg are not hanging yet, but will soon,

so I included them here.

This hangs over my sewing table...

And some Lord of the Rings items grace our walls as well, of course...
Here are a few of them.

The 3D Map of Middle Earth...

this banner for the LOTR Return of the King sound track

and some Oscar ads and poster....


  1. I love that glimpse into other peoples living spaces :) Friederike! loves especially the second painting :)

  2. I do agree with with Friederike and Sandra who loves the painting of sheep. It's just beautiful. I have a question for you but if you don't want to answer, I'll understand. Do you make the doll faces yourself? If so, how do you do this? I'm curious.
    Cute blog, Maggie from Montreal, Canada

  3. Hello Maggie,
    yes, I make the doll faces myself.
    The face is embroidered.
    Did you mean how the head is made? I can send you some links with good tutorials if you like.Just send me an e-mail sue(at)polarbearcreations.com


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