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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2

So this is what our entrance looked like after I was done decorating....(dogs are supervising)

....well ok, maybe I got a bit carried away with the deco....

....but it looked sooo cool at night.

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  1. Your Halloween pictures are lovely....I think people in the USA celebrate it much more than in Germany.Most people here haven`t got any Halloween decoration and I know a lot who don`t like it ,either. May be it is not very popular because today it is a religous holiday "Allerheiligen" in the catholic parts of Germany and people go to the cemetries and think of the people in their families who died.
    They put candles on the graves and at night the cemetries are full of small lights....
    Ich schreibe übrigens in Englisch und beschreibe die Situation hier bei uns, die Du natürlich kennst, damit Frauen aus den USA, die einen Kommentar schreiben, verstehen, was ich hier schreibe.
    I wish you a nice weekend


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