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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sewing corner and Mini Babies

Here you see my sewing corner in our bedroom , where many ideas become reality and dolls have their beginning. Yes, I have a lot of fabric, I know..... some of it is for Baby Slings as well.
It would be nice of course to have a room just for sewing, but this works just fine for now.
It's a big bedroom, in fact the largest bedroom we ever had.
I also have a part of my Lord of the Rings collection in it . Good thing that my lovely husband has no problem with either parts!!

This is only a small portion of my collection though. I thought that it didn't make much sense to bring everything to Florida for the 4 years we will be here, so most of it , 17 large moving boxes to be exact, are in storage in Canada, waiting for my return.....It will be like Christmas for me when I get to unpack those boxes again!

When I have to ensemble my dolls or make wigs for them I have my sewing basket and wool bag in the living room.

It's such a nice large basket, that I can fit everything in it that I need.

These would be the different baskets I have for different parts.
Can you tell that I love baskets?? :0)

...and here a group shot with a bunch of cuties.


  1. Ooo, and here I thought it was a huge room just for you and your sewing! :) Okay, *slightly* less jealous now. :D

    Wow - that is some collection you've got!! Very nice indeed!

  2. I hope one day I will have a room just for sewing.*dream*
    Before we moved I had a room for my collection, sewing and computer, but it was kind of small for all of it....or was my collection too big?
    Nonsence! A collection is never too big!! :0)

  3. *giggles* Of course your collection isn't too big. Don't be ridiculous. :D

    Yes. That's my dream as well - a whole room to fill up with all my stuff, neatly organized and labeled.... *happy sigh* So, if we'll ever start looking for a new house, that's what I'll be concentrating on: possible craft rooms! I don't care about the rest of the house, as long as it's got a craft room. ;)


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