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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain...

For 3 days now we have rain and thunderstorms .

This is a bucket we keep by the pool for water toys and it was emty before all this rain started.
I put a water bottle beside it so you can see how big this bucket is.
Some of the thunderstorms were quiet severe and we had, and have ,Tornado warnings as well.
Tornado's really scare me. Especially at night when you can't see them.... I can deal with hurricane's. You have a lot of warning for those and when they get close, you pack your family and pets up and go up North. You can be well prepared for them. With tornado's there is not really any good warning. And if , where do you go ? These houses here have no basements and we have no inner room in which you could hide and be save. Coming from Germany I never get over the way how houses in North America are build here .

Mostly just wood and drywall, nothing too solid really.....Brick houses would make me feel safer for sure.

The rain however, is great for the plants down here.
Most days it feels like a giant green house outside , with the high humidity and plants grow well, but need a lot of water.
I have just planted morning glory seeds a few days ago .

Something you could never do in Canada, but here we don't have fall just around the corner.

It took me so long to plant them because I had nothing for them to climb on until I found some great wire obelisks at Lowe's on sale. They are like those I have by the front door.

It should look great when they are covered by morning glory's.

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