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Monday, August 11, 2008

It happend again..

I sprained one of my ankles yet again !!

Since I was a teenager I have gone over my ankles over and over. Even had surgery on one ankle to tighten the overly stretched ligament about 18 years ago, and still.....

It's not like I run cross country on uneven ground , or wear 3 inch heels. Noooo !!!

I don't need any of those things to do it. I just walk on flat surface, barefoot, in sneakers( with insoles) or even in hikers that go over your ankle. Not a pebble on the ground to through you off balance,nothing ! I will still go over. It's so frustrating!!
This time it's not as bad as it is at times with black and blue ankle and so on, but still, it is swollen, painful and impairs my mobility.
I think that over the years I have done a lot of damage to those parts of my body with the recurring sprains, that I have a lot of scare tissue in them . I guess my biggest fear is that it will get worse, the older I get. Not a pretty picture....sigh....
So, now I will sit mostly on the couch and have one of my Ouch Bags (see my Etsy store) on my foot and work on more Mini Babies and make more wigs for dolls, watching the Olympics.

At least I always find something to do . Maybe there is a reason behind all of this at all?

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