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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sooo frustrated !!!!

My website has problems for over a week now and I'm ready to scream!
First I got a "Internet Explorer can't display the website " message. So, I contact me website host and they tell me
" Oh, that's not a problem on our end you have to contact your domain host"
What, why the domain host???
So I contact them, good girl that I am and sure enough they say" For connection issues you have to contact your website host" Duh!!!
So I call them and they had pointed my website to a wrong place! The website showed up online after the guy corrected the problem , but now I can't open any pages and the top left corner has no page links at all!!!!! Ahhhhrrrrgggg
I published the whole shop/website to the web again twice , with no change! Again I contact the host, this time via live chat.
They tell me it works fine for them and they can open all the pages just fine! I should publish my website to the net again that might fix the problem . But I did that already!!!!!! and didn't he say there was no problem for him looking at all the pages?????? So at the end he tells me it's a problem on my end and not with them. What????You have to be kidding me!!!!
Before the site was gone from the web I had no problems opening the pages , and now I do!!!
the guy writes: " Can I help you with anything else?"I said: "Yes ,find me a new host! Bye!"
I have had nothing but trouble with this company from the get go! Oh, what web host it is? GLOBAT
Stay away from them !!! They are an absolute nightmare!!!!
I need a new host . NOW!!!
Does anyone have a good host?
Don't say IPower please. They are a sister company of Globat!
Anyway I might have to go now and go crazy because I don't know what to do anymore.
I feel like I might pop a vessel soon.....

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