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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pool Drama

As promised , here now the story of our pool drama.

Better grab a coffee/tea, this is kind of a long story.....

Here we go.

Since we are only here in Florida for 4 years, we rented the house we live in. It came with a pool, what is nice when you 're not crazy about brutal heat and humidity!

Before we moved in the pool was resurfaced to get rid of spots in the pool. So when we arrived here it all looked great. This is probably the first and last time in our life that we will have a pool and the kids were using it every day for hours. Problem was the pool surface was so rough, like really coarse sandpaper, that the kids had bloody fingertips and toes after the second day and could only go in the pool with water socks. So we reported to our landlord/property manager about it and they got in touch with the company that re surfaced the pool to fix the problem.

Now you probably start to wonder what this has to do with the mess we have in the yard right now? Well here it comes....

The company argued to get more money to fix the problem(they caused) for half a year!!! Then they backed off and agreed to sand it down. Problem was , that we had a LOT of rain in February and our yard was pretty much water logged. So the guy showed up one day, pumped the pool empty, sanded the pool surface, hung our garden hose in it after to fill it up again and left! So far so good, but the next day our pool had popped 5 inches/13cm out of the ground!! The ground water level just pushed the empty pool right out of the ground. This pool is a concrete pool and that doesn't make it exactly flexible. Cracks appeared everywhere.

Now came the fun part. Trying to get the company's insurance to pay for it to be fixed.We had many pool company's come and do estimates and they all said it would have to be replaced. The insurance of course wanted to fix the cracks only. The longer it took the more cracks appeared and we started to loose about 4 inches/12 cm of water every day!

Well, long story short.... it took until now to have them agree to replace it.

And so on the 13. November big machinery showed up in the yard and work began...

So far so good....I will report on the progress.

With all the dirt and mud in the yard , one of our dogs (Gromit) came runing in the house one day before i could stop him. He ran, of course ,right through to the kitchen...AAAAAHHHHH!

Oh nooooo! The mess!

Well when all this is over and done with, I will have to get the Bissell carpet cleaner out and do all the carpets again.


  1. Unbelievable....the pool looked so wonderful.....and so much trouble....and your garden looks like after aliens were coming and landed in your garden...
    I really feel sorry with you because a problem like this means noise...mud....trouble....no pool for swimming and so on.
    Hopefully you will soon swim again without sandpaper under your children feet.

  2. grrrr - ich würde ja zuviel bekommen! bekommt ihr auch eine entschädigung für all´ den ärger und schmutz??

    gute nerven!!! lg, nicola

  3. oh my !!! this is unreal.. hang in there!!


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