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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Another September 11th has come and we remember what happened on that sunny morning in 2001 in New York.
This is the event in our generation,of which we remember what we did on that morning when we heard the news.
During 2001 we lived in Ontario Canada. I was providing private home daycare and we were about to foster our 3rd puppy for The Canadian Guide Doge For The Blind . The supervisor was on her way that morning to bring us the new puppy from Ottawa. Then I got a call from her "Are you watching TV?" No, I didn't, since I had my daycare children in my home and we never watched TV that early. She said "Turn on the TV! Something bad has happened" So I did... A few minutes later I watched in disbelieve as the second plane flew into the second tower....
My family and friends called from Germany...My husband called from work...I watched what unfolded on the TV screen....I was shocked.
When the first tower collapsed it started to really sink in and I broke down in tears....A little later the supervisor arrived with the new puppy. All we could talk about was the events that had happened in New York. Good thing this was our 3rd puppy and we needed any instructions. Somehow I managed to get through the day with the children and I was happy when they got picked up and my husband came home. The next day I had to do some shopping in town and I remember driving by all the store advertising signs that had messages like "We stand with you America" and "United we stand" and flew the American and Canadian flag . I could barely drive because of all my tears. Another thing that got me was there were no planes flying for days! That was very strange , when you are so used to airplane traffic overhead. We had to decide how much we would tell our two older boys,then 6 and 8 years old.
I still remember it all like it happened yesterday and I make it a point to have a huge American flag in front of the house on this date. Even before we came to the US, I had the flag out . I just find it very important to remember that day and what it did to our lives.
Being married to a soldier brings a completely different aspect to the table.
He changed trades due to medical issues and he never had to go to Afghanistan, but we have lost many Canadian soldiers and friends in Afghanistan since ....and many, many more American and soldiers from other countries as well.
You do not need to agree with the politics, but please support the troops and please keep remembering this day and what happened. I still means a lot to so many people!

Where were you when you found out about the attacks?

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  1. I guess there's no single person old enough that very day, who doesn't remember were he was and what he thought.

    I've been home re-arranging my living room. I unplugged everything for a while as I placed every furniture and item somewhere else. When I plugged my radio back on, I heard the news about the first plan that just crashed into the first tower. I thought it was some kind of commercial for a new Hollywood movie - until I knew seconds later, through the voice of the radio DJ that it was real!!

    I immidiately plugged the TV in and switched it on the moment the second plane crashed into building two. I saw it live on TV and I knew from that very moment, what all that probably meant for our future and was in shock - I cried sooo hard and slightly panicked, as I feared world war 3 as a result of those attacks.
    Then I worried for my loved ones and I called familie and friends, incl. my sister in Canada (I love you Suse).

    I'm always still in tears watching any documentary about 9/11.

    Go and tell your loved ones and the people you care about, how much they mean to you - as often as you can - you never know what will happen the next minute. Start NOW !!


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