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Monday, September 8, 2008

Doll Shoes

I had hoped to have the new doll ready to show here and to list her, but I'm still working on the little shoes.

Usually my mother in law knits the shoes for the big dolls for me, but since she's in Canada and hasn't seen the little 11" doll, I had to come up with something myself.

I can crochet,but have problems figuring out pattern . I do different stitches, but don't even have an idea what all of them are called. As with sewing I just do it, no pattern!

For the little shoes,they are 2.5"/6 cm long, I knew what I wanted them to look like, but had no clue how to do it. After working on it for a good portion of the afternoon, I had one done! Yeah!!

Now the big problem with that way of working is obviously, that I have no pattern and have to remember what I did the first time. I mean you want the shoes to match, right, so you have to figure it out somehow. Half way through the second shoe it happened! I was lost. I had no idea anymore how I did it the first time. I even contemplated that the little dolls won't have shoes....but I don't give up that easy!! At the end I started new and now I know what to do.... I think I make a few more pairs to make it stick and to get the practice .

I think they turned out quiet nice.

Pictures of the new doll are following shortly.....

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  1. hihi - 425 tage älter, das hört sich irgendwie cool an :)

    die schühchen sind klasse! und das einfach so ohne anleitung!! ich kenne das puppenschuhproblem nur zu gut - seit ich bei käthe kruse gearbeitet habe! ich habe soviele schuhschnittmuster & auch sockenmuster probiert... einige gelungen andere naja - aber inzwischen weiß ich im schlaf, wie so ein schuhschnitt aussieht :) und das know how kommt sogar ab und zu zum einsatz, wenn ich mal wieder eine puppe ohne schuhe "adoptiere".

    liebe grüße, nicola


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