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Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite Things

I would like to share things with you that I like.

Things I found, things I have, things that remind me of my childhood, quotes, the look of something for example, a photo ...really anything I like.

So here to start a cute suitcase I found the other day.
Those roses are just beautiful

It's kind of funny though, I never cared that much for rose pattern or pink, but lately I just love it.
We go through color circles in our life and who knows, maybe mine got messed up and I have a pink/rose phase now. I was never big on pink and girly things as a kid . I played mostly with boys, soccer and such and climbed trees and didn't like to wear dresses . I guess living with 4 guys in the house has something to do with it. I'm clearly out numbered here.....

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  1. I really love that suitcase! I've been into pink florals lately as well, something I've never liked before. Big cabbage roses and leaves, very grandma. Have a great weekend =)


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