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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning

It's sooo peaceful here right now.......
I had to get up early to drive my hubby to the airport and I really enjoy that it is so quiet. I miss that since we came from Alberta .
The kids are still sleeping , what is a big surprises, since at least one of them is always up by 7:00am.
I sat on the patio for a while and had a coffee and enjoyed the moment.

These are some of our seashell finds....

Most days it's already to hot and humid here( at least for my taste) by 8:00 am to sit outside.
Not so today! 24C/77 F is about just right for me.
I really love these wave petunias.....

and I guess Gromit does too.

He's such a great dog!

I sometimes wonder if the dogs miss the country life as much as I do?(that would have to be a whole new post for the future)
I know, dogs live in the now, but still.....
Bailey is a hunter and she used to be off hunting in the fields and woods for hours.

She's soo cute! Don't you love that face??

Well, she's still hunting, but now it's lizzards and it's only in the backyard.

Ouiet time has come to an end. The gang is up and I will be off getting breakfast .
I will post some pictures of some of the things I finished later....

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