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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rambling of a Taxi Mom....

This summer makes it very clear that we have a household with teenagers( and pre teens).
I'm not so sure yet that I like teenagers all the time....
Not only do they sleep until lunch,are moody, know everything better then you of course, and don't understand the least why they can't go to every place in town at any time of day or night until whenever they want to.
Chezz, the nerve we have to actually be a parent and set limits! What are we thinking???
If you think that just because kids become independent, they don't need you anymore, you're wrong!
Oh, they need you alright! (or is the word USE )
A teenager without a drivers licence needs you to drive them everywhere. Boy ,do I feel important!
Between seeing friends , activities with our Canadian group , church youth group, and sport I feel often that all I do all day is drive. I try my best to incorporate the things that I need to do outside the house, like shopping or going to the post office, but usually I would do those things only on certain days.
Now you probably say" Well, why aren't they riding a bike or walk or take a bus etc... " That's a great thought, but here they don't have, for the most part, sidewalks or bike lanes, buses go only a few routes and then there is the brutal heat! Riding bikes around here is dangerous! You wouldn't believe how many hit-runs are happening around this area. People just don't pay any attention to bikers and they certainly don't give them any space what so ever. Even when walking you have to watch that they don't hit you. I don't want to make excuses and yes, I still could say no to driving requests, that's right. Somehow there's always a reason for it though.
Plus I have more then one child and the other kids would like to do some things as well and be driven to some friends....

So here I am, Taxi Mom, wondering why I don't get anything done? Why I don't have time to make more dolls?
Well,it is what it is and at the end of the day I deal with it.
I think I'm just soooo ready for them to get back to school ,so I can to get back to my daily routine. Only 18 more days.....
Sorry for rambling on and on. It just had to be said!

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