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Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Weekend

Saturday was spend for a big part at the martial arts center.
My 3 boys are all into martial arts and 2 of them had testing on that day.

They both did very well!

Here are the 2 older ones working together on the next Kata.

On another note.....

Here is what happens when people spit watermelon seeds into a flowerpot with an already dying petunia.....

This plant is getting huge and I wonder if it will actually have fruit.
Sunday we didn't do much . It's too hot to be outside !
91F, heat index 99F(34C/43C humid index)
We went swimming in the pool , stayed in the air conditioned house and took it easy.

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  1. Uh - my nephews in action. :) About the watermelon plant, I guess that it might grow a fruit, as you live in a spot where it's possible due to the weather condition, right?


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