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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sewing Machine

This is my Goodwill find from a few weeks ago.
A Singer 2430

I paid 14.99$ for it!! I couldn't believe it!

I got it checked out at my local sewing machine store to make sure it works well , and it is in excellent condition, but found out that the pattern cams were missing. I had no Idea that these machines need these disks for pattern. Maybe that's why it was so cheap.....?

Well,thanks to E-bay I found 29 of the 30 cams in one auction for 29$ and I only need the No. 1 now.

This is what they look like

Please let me know if you come across one.......

I kind of like these old sewing machines.

I have my husband's grandma's old Kennore right now to do all my sewing with.

It's very basic, it's heavy but it works great and doesn't hop around the sewing table and purrs like a kitten.

I just needed a back-up machine and that's when I came across the old Singer.

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  1. Hello...I have nine of these cams and not the machine...no idea where I got them from, but you're welcome to them, if you'd like.
    Hope you don't have them already...they're no. 901, 904, 908, 910, 912, 918, 919, 920...
    What a great buy, too~ I should post the ones I've gotten at the thrift store and from Craigslist...I love the Kenmore one...it came with all these cool accessories~!
    God bless.


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