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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter is here for sure

Winter has arrived n Northern Ontario and I think it's here to stay too.
I have a few days off and since we had a freezing rain warning this morning I 
wanted to make sure I go and get some branches for decoration and an Advends wreath
Yes, I know the 1. Advend was last Sunday, but I have been so busy with making custom dolls for Christmas and day job that I just didn't get around to it .
So today we, Gromit and me went out in the bush to get some .

 Such a cute little tree .....

 and then this big Cedar tree. Look how small Gromit is beside it.
He's not a small dog.

 He really likes winter. 
Running in the snow, sniffing for things underneath the snow and even grabbing mouthfuls of snow when running.

I like winter too.
Look how pretty even those dead plants look.

Well Gromit and I accomplished what we set out to do.

 I got my branches and
Gromit got his walk in the snow.

 I love it when he has ice hanging from his whiskers.
Have to take a picture on a day when it's really cold.

Those branches smell so nice in the house. I'm off to make the wreath now.
Have a wonderful day!

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